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There is Much More to do as a Family in Colorado Other Than Hiking…Especially in the Spring and Summer

There is Much More to do as a Family in Colorado Other Than Hiking…Especially in the Spring and Summer

A family from South Texas recently visited Colorado for the first time and they were very surprised by how much they enjoyed the trip. They envisioned Colorado as being one giant mountain where hiking was the main and even only amusement. What they discovered was a place with more family attractions and events than they ever imagined.

They visited Hammond’s Candy Factory where they enjoyed free tours and saw how candy canes, ribbon candies, and lollipops are shaped by hand. They toured Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, the most naturally formed outdoor concert venue in the world.

Dinosaur Ridge was another stop. Located on the west side of Denver, it’s a stone’s throw away from Red Rocks. This attraction showcases fossils and prehistoric tracks made millions of years ago. Discoveries in the 1800s included Stegosaurus bones and Iguanodon tracts. There are plenty of trails, and a visitor’s center with educational displays.

For some of the best food in town, the Buckhorn Exchange is the place where even the kid’s menu offers a taste of adventure, including elk and buffalo. The old west setting is family friendly. The Buckhorn is one of Colorado’s oldest restaurants and has the distinction of holding the state’s number one liquor license.

For a special treat, you can visit Little Man Ice Cream which has traditional out-of-the-box homemade ice cream, like the Fluffernutter and Vegan Chocolate Salted Oreo. Little Man Ice Cream is perfect for families because it’s all outdoor seating and there is a park across the street.

The Denver U.S. Mint offers the opportunity to show the kids that money doesn’t grow on trees. You can see billions of U.S. coins that are produced each year. The free tours are recommended for kids seven years old and up.

Families can also watch animals roam at the Wild Animal Sanctuary which is one of the only facilities of its kind in the United States where you can see animals living in an open, natural habitat. The 720-acre sanctuary is home to more than 450 rescued lions, tigers, bears, wolves, and other large creatures.

This is just a small sampling of the dozens, even hundreds of things to do in the metro Denver area during the spring and summer. Do a Google to get more information on spring attractions and events.