Six entrance tweaks to boost your home’s value

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Six entrance tweaks to boost your home’s value

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and if you’re selling your home, the first impression buyers get is the appearance of your entrance. A few inexpensive changes can boost your curb appeal and value. Here are six tweaks to consider for your home’s entrance.

Paint: Painting the front door instantly gives your front entrance a new look. Choose a color that’s different from the rest of the house and trim to make it the focal point. Pick a strong, contracting color, or a fun color such as red or yellow, or even a lush green to harmonize with plantings. Consider using a high-gloss paint or lacquer to give the door a striking sheen. If you have a porch, paint the ceiling a traditional sky blue or something unexpected, such as a light yellow, or add some fluffy white clouds it you paint the porch ceiling blue. In some cultures, a red door means friendship, and a bright red door looks great.

Hardware: Front door hardware creates a nice highlight to the entrance. You can choose traditional brass or bronze, and some have intricate detailing or a handmade look. There are modern clean-lined designs with matte black finishes, or for a quieter look, satin-nickel. Consider a distinctive door knocker, an old-fashioned boot scraper with welded-on horseshoes on both ends for an antique home or Wild West look, and new house numbers. Some styles add that extra little bling to your entrance.

Welcome mat: This shouldn’t use designs that detract from the door and door hardware. It’s simply providing a way for people to scrub dirt from their shoes. Experts suggest a plain, course coir or coconut fiber mat, and one that’s as large as you can fit. A welcome mat also lets visitors know that friendly people live here.

Seating: If you have a front porch, or a large landing before the door, think about adding some seating. A stool, chair, or bench can serve multiple purposes, such as a place to drop packages and bags, as well as a place to sit. Brass or wrought iron benches look great and they last forever.

Plants: Popular varieties for entrances include boxwood and bougainvillea, but also think about using looser planting materials for a softer look. You can plant in beds or use containers, such as tall pots or urns, which are easy to place on walkways and steps. For a less formal look, group two or three pots of different sizes on one side of the door. Plants add life and even pleasing scents if you plant herbs, such as rosemary, which you can also use for cooking. Lavender is also a good choice. But be wary of using vines, which can cover the entire front of your home very quickly.

Lighting: Lighting sets a nice mood in the evening and the fixtures create decorative appeal during the day. Depending on your entrance, you could choose a large hanging lantern over the door, or wall-mounted lanterns on either side. Lanterns with LED candles can be charming. Experts advise paying attention to size, suggesting bigger is better. Fixtures that look big in a store can appear too small when you put them outside, but they should work with the size of the house. Consider accent lighting on stair steps, pathways, and to illuminate the landscape.