How to make your home cozy, comfy, warm and inviting to help sell it quicker and for a great price

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How to make your home cozy, comfy, warm and inviting to help sell it quicker and for a great price

Have you ever stumbled upon a photo of a home that looks cozy and beautifully decorated, and then wish that your home looked like that? Creating an inviting home that feels warm, comfy, and friendly is simpler than you may think. The following suggestions can also help you sell your home in a timely manner and at a desirable price. So before you call a good Realtor to list your home, consider doing some of the following:

Spruce up your bedding: Make sure to choose bedding that matches nicely with the room. Spring for more expensive sheets and bed spreads to make the beds cozier.

  • Add throw blankets: Find some nice, quality throw blankets that coordinate with your living area and bedroom. A nice throw blanket on the living room couch encourages guests to make themselves right at home.

  • Try a blanket ladder or basket: If you can’t decide what throw blanket to display, why not pick out your most stylish ones and find a nice woven basket or blanket ladder to put them on display.

  • Get yourself a comfy couch: Nothing says “welcome” quite like a nice, comfortable couch. The couch is the staple of a living space, so choosing the right one will elevate the room.

  • Accentuate the fireplace: If your house has a fireplace, highlight it by decorating the mantle area with things such as vases, candles or other decorative pieces. Don’t try too hard to follow a set decorative plan for your items. Simply find pieces that suit your style and that coordinate with the room.

  • Make room for fresh flowers: Fresh flowers make a great addition to the kitchen or bathroom. Before a showing, visit your local grocery store or nursery and pick flowers that coordinate with the room.

  • Use the right lighting: The right lighting can work wonders. This invites visitors into the home, so turn on bright lights in primary living areas during cloudy, dreary days, and dim the lights for a cozy atmosphere in bedrooms and studies.

  • Use light paint colors: Light, vibrant colors can make any room look bright, warm and inviting. Dark colors tend to make rooms look smaller and don’t have a very homey appeal.

  • Create an outdoor hangout spot: Take your living space outdoors. Comfortable chairs and a fire pit are a great addition to your outdoor living spaces for fair weather seasons.

  • Let there be candlelight: Having plenty of candles around your home gives it a sense of warmth. Put candles in each room and people will feel a sense of comfort no matter where they are in your home, and they smell great too.

  • Hang unique mirrors: Placing a cool mirror above a dresser or table can give a room personality and reflect your style. Mirrors also give the illusion that a room is much larger than it really is.

  • Get plenty of comfortable pillows: Pillows can be a great accent to the living area. Investing in pillows that are comfortable and stylish takes it to a whole new level.

  • Incorporate a large area rug: If your living area has hardwood floors, a large area rug will instantly warm up the space. People sometimes like to make the area rug a focal point and choose their accessories, pillows, and paint colors based on the color and/or pattern of the rug.

  • Create themed photo collages: Displaying pictures is a great way to let people know who or what is most important to you and also adds a personal touch to your home. Prospective buyers can also imagine their favorite photos in the room in place of yours. And be sure to use attractive frames.