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Helpful Tips for a Grand New Year’s Eve Party


Helpful Tips for a Grand New Year’s Eve Party

If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve Party and want to make it very special for your guests, here are some tips and party ideas that will help make the occasion unforgettable. New Year’s Eve parties with family and friends are always full of surprises and exciting energy. To make sure your party is a fun get-together, here are some helpful tips.

It’s always fun to host your New Year’s Eve party at home. It’s more intimate and you will avoid the hectic traffic and crowds. Hosting a party at home can inspire you to get creative with your planning ideas without much stress.

However, if you need more space, you can host a big New Year’s Eve bash by renting a private space or venue. You will need to send invitations for this soiree, and you need to plan in advance. One great idea is to host a wellness party that focuses on New Year’s resolutions. You can serve healthy bites and partake in activities that promote their mental and physical health. You can teach a few yoga moves or send guests off with a list of your favorite recipes.

How about hosting a family pajama party. Grab the popcorn and a few of your favorite movies for a night with the family. You’ve likely been gifted with pajamas for Christmas so it’s a great idea to host a cozy family pajama party and set up a fun snack bar and set aside blankets for a relaxing countdown with your loved ones.

Another idea is to celebrate the New Year at midnight with a feast. Gather family and friends for a special midnight dinner after hosting a cocktail hour. Be sure to provide coffee with dessert.

If you’re planning on setting up an elaborate bar, center your efforts with a chic cocktail party. You can make your own recipes or get festive with classic New Year’s Eve drinks that you can find by doing a Google search. A backyard bonfire is also a great idea since it is most likely cold. Prepare a small dessert bar and serve hot chocolate and s’mores. In addition to getting the fire going, you can grab a few blankets and pillows to help keep guest warm.

You can combine simplicity with creativity for your New Year’s Eve party by offering delicious foods that are easy to grab and don’t require much serving. Set up a bar with three to four drink recipes or let guests make their own drink. Whether you’re serving alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, it’s a great idea to personalize your bar with drink recipes, signs with fun sayings, and drink add-ins. You can also offer a water bar with different fresh fruits so guests can stay hydrated. Freshen up your cocktail recipes with a few drink ideas that your guests can take home.

After consuming heavy food during Thanksgiving and Christmas, opt for a menu of finger food that is easy to prepare with minimum energy. Some suggestions include sliders, stuffed mushrooms, spinach dip, fruit skewers, smoked salmon with crackers, a variety of chesses, shrimp cocktail, guacamole and tortilla chips.

After savory comes sweet. Along with preparing small bites, you can set up a dessert bar for guests to indulge in treats. Choose desserts that can be made in minis so the clean-up is easier. Popular items include cake pops, tiramisu in champagne glasses, mini-pies, mini-parfaits, or an ice cream bar with toppings.

You can also ask guests to bring a dish. This is an easy and affordable way to reduce costs when planning out your New Year’s Eve menu. Just be sure to mention this on your party invitation so all of your guests get the memo.